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  • Version: 2016.3.23

Link Manager is a "Portable Bookmark Manager" which can be used to manage your Favorite Website URL.

Link Manager is full-blown utility not only for storing URL but also for finding the ones you want quick and with little effort as well as grab them from a specific web address.

Extra functionality is present in the application through some tools that allow shortening the link using a hefty list of services, converting the web page to PDF or running it through a translation service such as the one from Google. Another tool enables you to launch multiple web links at once.

This program was :


- Portable

- Easy to Use

- Has Extra Tools ( Link Extractor, Shorten URL, Convert URL to PDF, Share URL to Hundreds Social Bookmark, Link Encoder/Decoder, and many more )

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Link Manager


Link Manager 2016.3.23 for PC

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